Using elements of color and design that are unsurpassable, Yasha's jewelry is the creation of a rare modern day Renaissance woman. Dr. Joie Taylor, called Yasha by those closest to her, is both artist and scientist, which gives her designs a captivating universal appeal.


A woman of many talents, she is a professional jeweler, dancer, musician, meditation guide, national science foundation fellow and has a Ph.D. In Engineering from Cornell University.


With more than two years of formal training as metalsmith student at Maui's Hui N'oeu, she continues to apprentice and enjoys learning new techniques to apply to her work.


She finds inspiration from her travels, diverse experiences, love of gemstones, fine jewelry, nature, and her dreams.  


A Maui resident for ten years she is inspired by the captivating beauty of nature and she expresses the awe she has experienced from the beauty of Maui into each creation. Each piece is hand made, most are distinctly one of a kind.


Owning a piece of jewelry by Yasha is having a work of art that touches the soul.

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