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By Stephen Levine

Stephen lost interest in art at an early age when he found out that crayons didn't taste too good. After twenty-five as an attorney, those crayons didn't seem so bad anymore.


A gift subscription to National Geographic from a great aunt opened his eyes to a world beyond the streets of Brooklyn, where he grew up. It opened his eyes to the power and beauty of photography.


An avid backpacker and outdoors person, Stephen began taking pictures in an effort to bring the beauty of the mountains back home.


A self-taught photographer, he has lived in Alaska, Micronesia, and lived on Kauai before oving to Maui in 1997. He now lives in the shadow of Haleakala, taking most of his pictures upcountry. He chases early morning light and early blooms and late glow of the day, looking for that brief, hidden or overlooked moment of texture and color that are part of the Maui rainbow.


His works hang in the homes of friends and family.

And now yours.



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