Raliegh Timmins - Watercolor/gouache, Sea Glass

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Royal Poinciana by Raliegh Timmins

Raliegh Timmins scouts Maui for scenes to use in her lovely watercolors and scours the ocean shores for treasures to use in her sea glass jewelry. This jewelry is made from sea glass and puka shells, ocean tumbled and polished by the crashing waves. 



Twenty years ago, Raliegh's husband was seriously considering relocating them to Oahu.  Although Raliegh could certainly adjust to living on Oahu with its many beautiful flowers and mountains and the ocean the same wonderful temperature as Maui, an urgency gripped her. She finally started the journey of putting paint to the images of the misty valleys she had running through her brain!


She can not imagine ever exhausting the many different subjects available on our Islands and thanks the Lord for allowing her those precious hours she spends at the easel!



Raliegh and her husband have lived on Maui since the early 1970's.