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Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media

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By Pamela Neswald

Pamela Neswald is a painter and mixed media artist living and working on Maui.  A big no-no in the art (sales) world is working in many styles and techniques.  Maybe it’s a rebellious streak or maybe just a creative exploration that drives her to work in such a broad range stylistically.


In service to the creative process, you may find Pamela painting en plein air on a Maui beach or in the studio evoking large abstracts.  She also loves to engage in realistic portraiture or create large, elaborate cartoons called narrative expressionism.


Recent abstract work moves in a spiritual direction. Mood is emphasized through the use of texture, light and elegant composition.  Color may be layered in harmonious golden hues or cool analogous blues and greens.  A sense of quietude or spiritual contemplation may emanate from the artwork or energy may be activated through the use of movement, contrast and hot glowing colors. Experimental application of materials may also enter into the process to create texture, story and variety. 


Pamela has also been known for her long running series, “The Truth about Women’s Surfing.”  The series supports women’s empowerment, using exaggerated figures and candy colors together with the metaphor of surfing to address our roles in society, body image issues and personal goals and accomplishments in a safe and humorous context.  The series has been highlighted in The Surfers Journal and other publications as well as group and solo exhibits in California and Maui.


Recently Pamela has been honored by having her work included in the Schaefer Portrait Challenge, Lahaina Poster Contest as well as the being featured artist at Lahaina Arts Society.  Pamela is the previous owner of a small gallery and artists’ supply located in Upcountry, Maui.  She now lives and works with her husband, artist and scientist, Dr Peter V Fisher, at their home studio in Pukalani.  

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