History: Studying art in Santa Barbara he met his wife Pamela of 32 years.  So as not to become the proverbial starving artist, he changed his major from art to chemistry.  Peter went on to earn his doctorate in organic synthesis at the U. of Utah.  After working in industry for several years he moved to Maui with his family and opened an art supply / gallery business in Makawao,  Upcountry Fine Art.  He began working full time as an art supply consultant while spending his free time exploring mixed media compositions.  Peter is presently teaching chemistry at the University of Hawaii, Maui College.

Inspiration:  Peter was raised in an environment of science and art which has led him to pursue both interests.  His experiences of traveling through the South West exploring the desert volcanoes with his father, steeped in art at home by his mother’s works, and his background in organic chemistry have shaped his artistic expressions.  Peter’s love and appreciation for art initiated by his mother and has been kindling over the years with his devoted artist and life partner Pamela.  He is particularly drawn to and inspired by works of abstract expressionists (e.g. Miro, Clee, Kandinsky, Rothko, Gottlieb ..), and the timeless art of ancient cultures.  

Interests: Art, science, almost anything having to do with out of doors, and sports.

Artist Statement:

Art has been both rewarding and extremely challenging:  “a life practice”.  While in process I experiment and sometimes come to a place in my pieces which I find I will have an “initial revulsion”.  So these pieces remain in unfinished limbo sometimes for months or more as I wait for an inspiration of an acceptable solution that is satisfactory to my senses.  When it works great! When it does not – “back to the unfinished bin”   When successful these pieces sometimes become my most favorite.  Sometimes I feel I get it right the first try and this gives me great satisfaction.  Making art that is interesting and beautiful is one of my greatest challenges.  Making art that speaks to others?  Only they can decide.  

I try to design and balance my art pieces with color, contrast, texture, in combination with symmetry, amorphous shapes, with mixed media materials.  I aspire to make art compositions as meaningful and beautiful as I possibly can.    


Peter Virgil Fisher, Art Lover and, Ph.D.

Peter V. Fisher - Mixed Media

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