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Podge Elvenstar was born in 1971 in Washington State. He started picking up brushes and pens at age four, painting with watercolors and drawing.  Since then, he has worked with various mediums, pen and ink, watercolor, airbrush, animation, acrylics, photography, and his current favorite, oil paints.


Podge considers his new art genre, "Evolving Realism", a way of combining visual forms to make a unique image which suggests the relevance and awareness of those subjects. Evolving Realism is similar to surrealism in the sense that the work brings separate forms together, but is unlike surrealism in the sense that the work is based on a conscious subject.  He achieves this by using bold colors and unique imagery, creating an intriguing visual puzzle.


Podges's artwork became known in the early 1990's, a period when his art studio was located above the band room in the famous OK Hotel in Seattle, Washington.  Bands such as Nirvana, Medicine Hat, Small, Sublime, Bam Bam, Tree People, Decedents, Green Day, and Hovercraft played there during this time, and influenced his work.


As an accomplished artist he has shown his artwork in Colorado, Washington State, Alaska, and Maui, Hawaii. 


While original oil paintings are his current focus, Podge has a varied background of experience, including: murals, album covers, show flyers, graphics for snowboards, skateboards, and magazines, photography, film, and video production, and animation in featured films.“Every small thing in front of us contains its own magic.  There are beautiful, amazing things on this earth.  I want to bring them to peoples attention so they can be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us all.”


Podge resides on the Island of Maui with his fiancé and son, and is currently working on ideas for oil paintings inspired by nature.

Tail of Life by Podge Elvenstar

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