Artist Biography



October 2019

Robert Gann



Robert Gann is the featured artist in Lahaina Arts Society's Banyan Tree Gallery from October 1-31. Two years ago, Robert started by painting the carpet in his living room and this unique art form quickly evolved. There is texture and color; it's a revolt but not a revolution, it's simple without being simplistic and it soon becomes obvious that the artist is showing us something that has been hiding in plain sight all along. His signature technique of "Floating Layers" captivates the eyes and the paintings actually feel different. "When I work I work fast in the moment by intuition and it's the actual work of making the art, that is the art and the canvas is an artifact. That artifact is a faithful record of the art as it happened."
Lahaina Arts Society is open daily from 9-5. For information on when Robert will be there call 808-661-0111.

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