West Maui's

by Marianne Sharp

Marianne Sharp -
Oil, Watercolor

Marianne was born in St. Louis, Mo., but moved to Southern California early on.  She was one of the  first girl surfers at Malibu in the 1950’s, living on the Pacific Coast Hwy, surfing, riding bikes and skiing the California and Utah mountains, while working at the Physical Education Dept., at UCLA. 
Marianne and her husband Dave, an avid cyclist, enjoy traveling to France and Italy for cycling events and experiencing the  beautiful architecture, landscapes and paintings of the masters.
They moved to Maui in 1970, with Dave sailing their 31’ sloop from California.  Maui introduced Marianne to the kind of living that just awoke a passion for painting. Everywhere she looks there is a painting. 
Marianne is an active equestrian, and recently retired after 21 years as Director of the Therapeutic Riding Program for Special Needs Children at the Haku Baldwin Equestrian Center.
Painting is Marianne's way of expressing how she feels and sees things.  She is very fortunate to paint with friends whose encouragement has helped her grow.  It’s a great way to live life. 

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