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By Monique Rietcheck

Raised on Maui since the age of two, Monique is a Maui girl through and through. Spending her high school years in Hana Maui was beautiful yet boring for a teenager.

Monique found a bag of oil paints under her house while rummaging through forgotten treasures of the woman who had lived there previously. She took them out and wanted to try for a good way to pass the time. However there was no canvas or paper to use. She found a fairly flat rock and decided that would work. With very few brushes, old paint and a rock, her passion for art was discovered.

After that day Monique took every art class offered at her tiny school and worked very hard to become accepted at the Academy of arts in S.F.

She studied there for a very short period of time, until the earthquake of 1989 hit.

After that Monique's art became a hobby as other things such as children and family became the focus.

She continued to paint, draw and write throughout the years. Now she has come full circle and is able to put her art back on the front burner.

The joys and tribulations of life feed Monique's desire to translate all that she sees and feels into a tangible and visual feast to share with others.

Being raised on this beautiful island has enriched Monique's appreciation for all of nature’s wonders. With flowing streams and dancing seas, creatures and plants from mountain top to horizon. Maui is nothing less than the perfect island to unleash one's creative being




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