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Would you like to become a member of Maui's oldest arts society? There are two ways to join! 

1. Become an Exhibiting Artist Member
Exhibiting Artist Application & Process
  1. Prospective exhibiting artist members may pick up an application at the LAS Banyan Tree Gallery or print and complete the Membership Application shown below.  Please return completed forms at least ten days prior to the Jury date to Lahaina Arts Society, 648 Wharf Street #103, Lahaina, HI 96761.

  2. Prospective members must complete the application form and, upon acceptance, be able to provide their current Hawaii G.E. Tax license number, a photo ID and social security number. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have been a resident of Maui County for at least six months prior to application.

  3. Every three months applicants have an opportunity to have their work juried in for acceptance to LAS. The Jury Committee holds brief interviews with applicants on Jury Day to become acquainted with the artist, their creative process, and their artwork. After turning in their application, prospective members will be contacted to schedule this interview. Please make sure your application includes a current phone number, e-mail address (if applicable), and mailing address. 

  4. On Jury Day the applicants come to the LAS Banyan Tree Gallery and sign in. Applicants must provide five original works and five additional works or photos of work, all to have been completed within the last two years.  Artists may be juried for no more than two mediums per jury session.  Example:  an applicant wishing to exhibit acrylics and jewelry must bring along five original works and five additional works or photos of work for each medium (for a total of 10 examples for each medium).  The jury will not accept work based on fewer examples of art per medium.  

  5. LIABILITY RELEASE: LAS is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of artist's work and LAS does
    not carry insurance for these events. The artist is responsible for transport, display and removal of his/her works throughout and beyond the jury process, and LAS shall have no liability therefore. The artist
    is responsible for his/her own insurance against loss or damage of artist’s work, including during the application and jury process.
    LAS Jury Guidelines and List of Accepted Mediums (PDF)

  6. The Jury Committee makes the decision on Jury Day after all interviews are completed. The applicant will be told of the Jury’s decision the next day. A mandatory orientation date will be scheduled for all new members, usually one week after Jury Day. This orientation must be completed prior to exhibiting in the galleries.

  7. Orientation provides an overview of the mission, by-laws, rules and regulations of Lahaina Arts Society.  Artists will review the ‘new member packet’, sign membership agreement, pay membership dues of $100 for an individual or $200 for a family per year, and sign up for volunteer hours.

  8. New members are required to pay their annual membership dues and complete three 8-hour volunteer shifts before exhibiting in the gallery or participating in Banyan Tree Art Fairs.  This helps the new member become more familiar with our organization and current artists.  All members are then responsible for completing one 8-hour volunteer shift per month. 


Jury committee review dates for 2020


**Dates below subject to change**

Sunday February 2nd


Sunday May 3rd

Sunday July 26th


Sunday November 1st




 2. Become a Supporting Member
Supporting Membership

Supporting Membership is open to any individual or organization. You do not need to be an artist to join!  This is open to artists, art enthusiasts, collectors or supporters of the arts! Pledge your support by paying your membership dues today! All membership dues will help support the Maui artist community through the Lahaina Arts Society galleries, art fairs, workshops and classes.


Supporting Members will receive our monthly newsletter and press releases, a certificate of membership and the opportunity to participate in any LAS classes or workshops. Supporting members are also eligible to be on the LAS Board of Trustees! Share your personal expertise and help the organization grow and thrive!


Supporting Membership Dues are only $50(+tax) per year!  Join today!

If you are interested in the arts, would like to support a local Maui artist community or just want to stay informed about the Maui art scene, please consider becoming a Supporting Member!

For more information call (808) 661-0111
Open daily 9am -5pm


Mahalo for your interest!


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