Mark De Colibus -

Oil, Pen & Ink, Pastel

 by Mark De Colibus

Born in Maywood, California, Mark moved to Maui in 1982 where he fell in love with doing art. He enjoys the challenge of working in many different art mediums including pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and oil painting.


Mark has studied under some of the best master artists in the world including Charles Schultz (creator of Peanuts) as well as taking private lessons with some of the best artists in Hawaii.


Mark's career in art has challenged him to work not only in many mediums but also different subjects from portraits to landscapes, still life, abstract, and contemporary life styles.


Mark has had entries in Art Maui, was first place winner in Gardena Valley Art Association-Sculpture, and Watercolor, has had various art club recognitions and awards.


Mark loves the island life and is also drawn to display works of art with an Island type of them. "My diversity has allowed me to think outside the box and  to try new things that challenge my perspective and allow me to see things with an open mind." Art really is in the 'beauty of the eye of the beholder.' It is what you want it to be, whether a memory, a feeling, a captured moment, or just something fun that captures your imagination or challenges your mind to see or experience art like you have never felt before."


Mark hopes his art does that for you. It is not just a picture; it is a brush stroke that puts you in touch with a magical moment in time while you were in Hawaii. He hopes you will enjoy his artwork for a long time to come, to take home a piece of Maui with a lasting memory on your wall. May it come alive and share with you that feeling of aloha that captured your heart, and that will live with you forever.

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