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Marisela Bracho is an artist born in Mexico City that found her home in Maui. She first studied fine arts and began her graphic design career in Mexico City. A spiritual search brought her at the age of 26 to the U.S., where besides participating in the richness of a spiritual community, she acquired an MFA in Painting at CU Boulder, Colorado.


Presently she works mostly in watercolors and acrylics.

The inspiration for her paintings is nature, the essential vitality with which nature covers itself, its living surface: skin, leaves or petals. In her paintings sometimes the strokes decompose into abstraction, others they manifest as recognizable form, what is visible is the energy, the vitality and emotion evoked by the gestures of nature, the drama, the joy, the subtleness or boldness as it manifests through the elements, creatures or plants. The paintings sometimes reconstruct creation itself, or travel through the possible landscapes as they settle out of chaos into expressions of nature and qualities of being. Through color she touches the vibrancy of nature, the dance of form animated with breath and motion.


Marisela has exhibited her work in Mexico City; Portland, Oregon; Boulder, Colorado; and Maui, Hawaii.


Slideshow by Marisela Bracho

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