Lee's artistic practice engages the Hawaiian Islands - its landscape, sea life, animals and people - as she explores her heritage and deep connection to her ohana, her family, through clay. She seeks to reflect the beauty and mystery of the ocean and sea life surrounding Maui and the open spirit of aloha permeating the culture.


Lee begins by throwing porcelain and white stoneware to create a vessel. She then moves to hand-building which informs the shape and story of the piece transforming it into its final form as a bowl, vase or platter. She develops her own glazes to capture the rich blues and greens of the island then fires two or three times to build depth and complexity. When complete, each piece "talks story" about the Hawaiian world she experiences.


Lee calls Maui her home but she started out in San Francisco where her mother, an indigenous Hawaiian, moved before Lee was born. Her mother infused Lee, and Lee's eight brothers and sisters, with her artistic style which Lee first expressed in her skill as a finish carpenter. The transition to ceramics began in 2007 when Lee immersed herself in studies under Richard McCoy, Jim Valentine, Jeff Vick, David Camden, Tom Coleman, Robert Briscoe and Steven Hill. She continues to learn everyday in her studio as she stretches the boundaries of what clay can do to capture the beauty of Maui.

Lee Plevney - Ceramics

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Lee Plevney in her studio

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