By Lalena Laurie Vann

Lalena Laurie Van -
Oil, Monoprint

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Now living on Maui, after 11 years in southern France, Lalena is premiering a new series of oil paintings and monoprints: “Lani*Kai*Aina” - Sky*Sea*Land - showcasing the natural beauty of our island paradise.


Born in California, she lived in Santa Cruz for 30 years, where she was an exhibiting artist, Open Studios participant, curator of art exhibits, and event organizer.  In California, her paintings, mixed media work and wearable art were featured in numerous solo and group exhibits in galleries, artist organized shows, contemporary craft markets, and museums. She has a BA in Art from San Jose State University. While in France, Lalénya exhibited her earlier series, “Veiled Emotions” in Paris, and her Mediterranean town of Collioure.


In addition to painting, Lalénya is a certified instructor of “Active Dreaming”. She offers classes in dream interpretation, private consultations, and drum journeying sessions. She also paints images from her dreams!


Artist’s Statement

Beauty is all around us, and within us. Nature inspires and evolves me.  I try to capture significant moments, the colors of emotions and feelings, the joy of sacred spaces, the awe of being. It’s about remembering who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.  For me, it’s all about bringing in more golden light!!







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