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June 2018



Zariah specializes in Visionary paintings:

encompassing mystical-Multidimensional, significant Symbology, Multicultural Mythology, Sacred Geometry.


Every work is a uniquely intentional Blessing. An informative, insightful story accompanies each original and fine art print.  Zariah hopes they touch the hearts of all who see them in some special way.


Zariah journeys into shamanic realms anew with each creation. She strives to interpret her experience authentically, eloquently, &exquisitely, applying a lifetime’s art training &diligence. Ever-transforming, hidden keys await the appreciator, unlocking the treasure-gates of fascination.

The resultant windows into Infinity encase intricately woven, multilayered veils of translucent depth and Ancient Mystery.

Zariah’s style is “…glowing, breathing, sumptuous…embodying lavish, subtly complex color schemes…fractally emanating Spiral of Life…”


Yet, as Zariah is also illustrator/writer of children's fantasy, playful Wonder and innocence likewise graces her work.

Zariah’s heart’s devotion is to inspire reverence for all Life, healing, magic, delight & celebration.

Sea Dreaming
Sea Rapture
Sea Queen
Lehua's Home
Wish Upon a Seastar
Kanaloa Huna Blessing

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