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Mango Turtle


By Jim Smith

Jim grew up hiking the mountains and deserts of New Mexico. His father was an avid outdoorsman and taught him to appreciate the beauty of nature at an early age.


Jim spent two decades as an electronics engineer designing hardware for the space program.


In 2009 Jim and his wife vacationed on Maui.


They both fell in love with the island and the ocean One of Jimʼs favorite jokes is that New Mexico had the worlds greatest beaches, just no water to go with them. It was time to move to the water.


In 2010 Jim was back hiking in New Mexico and a scene caught his eye and he mentioned to his wife that it might be fun to try and carve the scene.


When he returned to Maui he found that his wife had purchased a block of Basswood, a set of carving tools and a carving for dummies book for him. After completing the examples from the book it was clear that Jim had both a talent and a joy for creating art.


Jim feels that Maui is the perfect place for an artist to be. There is so much variety in Maui. From the stark moonscape atop Halealaka to the lush rainforest of the Northern slopes, and the sunsets

rival the incredible ones he grew up with in New Mexico. His love of nature shows in the
details of his work.