James grew up in Colorado in the midst of some of Gods most amazing wonders. He spent his younger years as an avid snow skier and fell in love with the outdoors. 


He was introduced to photography at an early age by his father when he received a camera as a gift. As he moved into his teenage years he bought his first Nikon and his interest peaked even further. 


James or (JR) as many of his friends call him, traveled to Maui on an adventure in his early 20's.The islands immediately captured a special place in his heart and Maui quickly became his home away from home. While establishing his life on Maui, photography took a back seat to paying bills, getting married and raising two amazing sons. 


After many interim jobs, James put his creative senses back to work and started his own business. As the owner of Ocean Notions, James designs, builds and maintains some of the finest aquariums in the islands. James is most centered while enjoying the outdoors. Whether its running on the beach, diving with his sons, kitesurfing or just enjoying a perfect sunset, it is clear to see that he is one with nature.


As his life has become more settled, James has rekindled his love of photography and combined it with the joy of being outdoors. He creates some of the most beautiful images to share with others. James hopes that his artistic passion will give his viewers just a taste of his contentment and peace it brings him.


James Roemmling -


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Email: liquidmountainimagery@gmail.com



By James Roemmling

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