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by John O'Leary

Growing up in rural Illinois, natural landscapes such as wooded forests, lakes, rivers and fields were John's playground. Inspired by all of the beautiful things, including the critters he stumbled upon, his fascination and passion grew stronger for the environment.


He was like Huckleberry Finn catching wild animals and building rafts from twigs and branches to float down the river. No one believed his stories of the crazy things he saw, so John got a point and shoot camera to prove his adventures. Over a period of time, people went from saying "You caught that" to "You took that?"!


Self taught in photography, everyone around him was always amazed at his photos and thought he should pursue a job with National Geographic. However, photography is a hobby because John's other passion is being in the water with really cool fish and funky critters.


A degree in Environmental Biology provided John with more knowledge of his surroundings and a better understanding of what he was seeing and shooting.


In 2011, John moved to Maui to pursue work in Marine Biology. When John isn't working on coservation issues, he like to shoot bright bold and colorful subjects.


The goal and aim is to capture those fleeting moments that evoke a positive thought or experience that someone else may have had.




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