Jerry Fasick - Oil, Acrylic

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By Jerry Fasick

Jerry was born in Monterey California in 1958. He is a third generation resident of California. His family was orinally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Germany before that, immigrating here in the early 1700s.


Jerry's interest in art began at an early age and has continued to the present day. He began painting in acrylic when he moved to Europe in 1976 but changed to oil a few years later after learning of its extended drying time in a art class. His style of painting was greatly influenced by the Renaissance period. For may years he painted for his sole enjoyment and gave most of his artwork to friends and relatives.


Returning to the US in 1989, Jerry again began work in the construction trade in the high desert until moving to Tahoe in 1994. He worked in a cabinet shop building doors and cabinets where he began experimenting with special finishes. Over the years he developed several methods to create faux finishes of simulated wood using the skills he had learned in his many years of painting. Whe living in Tahoe, he traveled several times to Reno where he attended art classes at the Reno Museum of Art.


Jerry fell in love with Maui after traveling here in 2005. With the decline in construction in Tahoe, he could think of nothing better than returning to this beautiful place so decided to move here and continue with his painting while living in one of the most beautiful and incredible art communites he has ever known.