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 by Gordon Schmuhl

Gordon was born on a farm in central Wisconsin. He had a love for the outdoors and enjoyed as a child going into the woods in spring to pick the trilliums, violets, etc. In grade school, the class would listen to the radio telling stories and the students would then draw pictures from what they hears. The artwork was then mailed to the city where it was judged with the results being announced. later. Mr. Schmuhl quite often won quite a number of accolades for his work.


There were no art classes available in High School; however Gordon was often asked to create artwork for backgrounds in the school plays, yearbooks, etc. His interest went into the field of music, playing trombone in the band as well as singing in the chorus and other smaller musical groups. Upon moving to Southern California after high school graduation, music was still a college major. As a part-time job during the summer he worked in a flower shop. It became his full-time profession working in the floral industry for well over 50 years. He co-owned a floral shop in the Los Angeles area and is a past president of American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) which is an international organization of the top floral designers throughout the world. He has demonstrated his floral designs in weekend seminars in most of the states over the years, toured Japan on two different years spending three weeks going from one prefecture to the next demonstrating American design to Japanese florists and given demonstrations in Mexico and Europe.


Mr. Schmuhl has always been a "part-time" artist during the years, but because of the busy schedule in the floral industry, art was always in the background. Gordon has always loved Hawaii and after retirement in 2002, he moved to Maui full-time. The time was right to create the artwork that had for so long been put on hold. A studio was set up and the painting and experimenting began. It could be said that he is somewhat of a "Grandpa Moses" of sorts.


Gordon's work has been displayed in a gallery in Lahaina where he painted on Friday nights on art night. Over the past years, he has had displays in hotel lobbies, gift shops, floral shops, etc. Gordon has sold paintings as well as clothing throughout the United States as well as Europe. Most of the paintings are done in acrylics along with some mixed medial as well. His favorite subjects are flowersw being they have been such a large part of his life in the past, but there are other subjects that included in his collections as well.




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