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Wood Boxes

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By Eric DeMaria

Eric grew up in the East Bay of San Francisco. After high school he went to college for a few years trying to figure out what he wanted to do with himself. He figured a hitch in the service might do him some good, teach him something useful and maybe he might grow up a little. He ended up staying in the Navy for almost 21 years (didn't grow up).


The woodwork started when Eric needed some shelves for books and knick knacks. He saw the price on a particleboard, veneered cabinet and decided he could build that. He bought a few hand tools, and using the kitchen chairs for sawhorses, built a couple of cabinets (he still has them). It became a hobby, therapy from the service.


After Eric retired he used his GI Bill and got a BFA from the Oregon College of Art & Craft in their Wood program. He worked in a  production style furniture and cabinet shop for 8 years and then opened his own shop: KeriWoods. He has made several versions of his boxes over the years for Christmas and birthday gifts and everyone told him to get them in a gallery.


The inspiration for Eric's work comes from the exposure to styles, architecture and art from all of the countries he had the pleasure to visit and of course, Hawaii.