Artist Biography



December 2017

Banyan Tree Gallery

Ellen Levinsky

Feather Art

Ellen  enjoys meeting people who own birds, using the feathers their pets shed to make a 'memory picture' for them.


Ellen creates the textured background  from recycling her junk mail and adding different Hawaiian plants. Her pictures have been inspired by her love of nature and the vivid colors in Hawaii.


Ellen has done much research and hiking to observe petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings) in Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, and Australia. She feels a strong connection with these ancient artists; making feather images of particular petroglyph designs that people identity with.

Ellen Levinsky has been creating natural feather art and jewelry on Maui since 1979, joining LAS in 1985. 

Teaching in the LAS children's art program for over 20 years generates much satisfaction for Ellen by assisting young people to develop their artistic skills, improve their self-confidence, and share an enjoyment of life as an artist. 

Photos by Ellen Levinsky

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