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Termed by People Magazine in the early 80’s as “one of America’s Renaissance Women,” Uma has been known worldwide as an artist and jeweler, author and musician.  In the early 80’s she began blending Eastern and Western spirituality with artistic jewelry designs, music and books, and not long after, became a leading spokesperson for the New Age, traveling world-wide for 20 years to speak, lead workshops and perform concerts. In 1980, Uma founded and operated the first quartz crystal jewelry manufacturing company. Her designs were eventually seen in over 2400 stores, catalogs and galleries a year, helping to inspire the birth of “energy jewelry.”  By the late 80’s, Uma started designing jewelry with other gemstones in classic and “healing” designs, a pursuit that lasted until 2000.  Since moving to Maui in 2002, Uma has been enjoying designing one-of-a-kind jewelry as a Maui artist.  As always, she strives to create designs that have a beautiful feeling as well as a beautiful look.

         With both B.A and M.A. degrees, Uma is also the author of four published books; “The Complete Crystal Guidebook,” (over 750,000 copies sold internationally,) “Crystal Ball Gazing,” “Enlightenment on the Run,” and her children’s book, “Paul and Mary and Their Magic Crystals.”


Her articles and interviews have appeared in countless publications, including “People Magazine,” “Yoga Journal,” “New Age Retailer,” “East/West Journal,” the “Smithsonian Magazine,” and “The New York Times.”


Her appearances have been broadcast nationally on over 80 TV and radio shows, including “CNN” and twice on the “Today Show.” 


Besides writing and publishing four books, she has composed and recorded over 15 albums of meditation music and guided imagery.  Many of these can be heard on “I-Tunes,” “U-Tube,” and other internet stations.  


Her last album, “Soul of the Beloved,” was considered for a Grammy® nomination. In semi-seclusion for the last ten years, Uma has now emerged to present a new book as well as her latest classic jewelry designs.  It is her hope that all who wear her jewelry wear it with good health and happiness.

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