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By Clifford Snyder

Clifford was born in St. Louis Mo. but raised in Washington State near Seattle. Growing up on the shores of Puget Sound under the shadow of Mt. Rainier all of nature was his teacher as it still is today.

The son of a sign painter and artist Clifford's professional schooling began at young age, while working with his father in his sign shop he had all the material needed to explore his interest. From his father he learned a lot of the tricks of design and spacing as well as some techniques such as serigraphy and gold leafing that he still uses today.  From his mother he got his imagination, love and support.

After graduating from high school Clifford decided to continue his education through travel. His travels have taken him as far north as Anchorage Alaska where the aurora borealis and the midnight sun kept him for three months to as far south as Morelia, Michoacán in Mexico where he lived for a year studying mural painting, sculpture. He loves Mexico and has been back to visit for work and pleasure a half a dozen times since.  After a year in Mexico he returned to Washington and completed his studies, in 1982 receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Central Washington University in Ellensburg WA.


 Art has always been Clifford's focus in life, and he considers it his first language. His images come from stories, legends, mythology that he has read or been told over the years, also from his own beliefs, thoughts and personal experiences.


Clifford has shown his work in Galleries, museums and on public display throughout the northwest and he has been involved is several one man and group shows in the United States, Mexico and Japan.





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