Kathy McCartney -
Oil on Etched Metal

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By Kathy McCartney

Kathy’s love for the tropics formed during her early life while living on the beautiful island of Oahu in the “windward” city of Kaneohe, Hawai’i with her US Naval father and family.  At the age of five they relocated to Southern California, her body went along but her heart and soul were forever captured by the Aloha Spirit and here it remained.


It wasn’t until Kathy’s early 20’s that she would begin taking semi-annual trips to the islands and each stirred the yearning within to move here, to Hawai’i permanently. 


Responsibilities and obligations kept Kathy tied to the mainland but she was always searching for a way to quicken her return to paradise.  The delay inspired her to paint images of Hawaii and the South Pacific. The ritual of painting kept her  anchored to the place where my heart and soul were: Hawai’i.


Kathy is proud of her independent son, who recently left the nest to pursue a career of his own in the Air Force, allowing her to follow her lifelong dream to reside in the land of Aloha.


There is so much to love about the Hawaiian Islands and in particular the “Maui Magic.” Kathy is  forever inspired by the visual wonders and her art is an expression of what the island experience means to her.








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