Carol Bodin is one of few contemporary jewelry artists in Hawaii incorporating traditional glass enamel into unique rustic and colorful fine jewelry.

"I have always been inspired by colors; hence, my attraction to enamels. Every enameled piece of jewelry is unique. Like small sculptures, every piece I craft is made with hand formed copper, silver, or 14k gold-fill, encased in traditional vitreous glass enamel.

Vitreous enamel is a powdered glass, applied in several layers and fused to a metal surface in a high temperature environment. Sometimes I use a torch, many times I use a kiln which fires at approximately 1500 °F. There are many techniques used to build up enchanting colors, or reveal the metal surfaces below. Believed by some historians to be an ancient alternative to gemstones in jewelry and ornaments, glass has been used for thousands of years to apply rich color to metal. A difficult technique to master, it is seldom used in modern production jewelry because of its detail and variations as well as the time consuming processes."

You can find Carol's unique rustic and retro designs on her website. Check out her calendar of events to find the schedule of Art Fairs in Hawaii and shops that carry her designs.

Carol L. Bodin - Jewelry

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By Carol L. Bodin

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