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By Bryan DeBris

Leonardo da Vinci is the inspiration for Bryan's art, which he refers to as "Sfumato."


A long time ago, in a place far away, a sleepy Leonardo nods off at his table... Fortunately the smell of burning awakens the sleeping giant of invention, of art, of dreams...


Extinguishing the blaze, Leonardo is astonished to find that the smoke from the flames has formed an intricate pattern of scorch marks on the wall of his studio. In his ancient dialect he cries...."Sfumato" (fire.) And the rest is lost in history.


Wanting to emulate his hero, Bryan embarks on a quest to harness the flame, to turn a simple flickering flame into a paintbrush that would not only scorch the wall of studios across the land, but would create an image of bold, yet whimsical brush strokes of fire.


With a touch here, an etch there, Bryan creates his characters...Amusing? Inspiring? Provocative? Yes. Are there any other Sfumartists out there, No.


Bryan's colorful past includes a tour of duty in the military, a consultancy in Environmental Technologies, a continuing original music career, and an activist role in the Ecology movement, which eventually led him to Hawaii. Ke Aina o Maui Nei.


With the advent of Laser imaging, Bryan can now create one of a kind illuminated prints of his art so that everyone can enjoy this unique form of expression... Or as Bryan would say "I'm just carrying the torch for Leonardo."



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