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By Baz Cumberbatch

Baz, the artist, was born and raised on an island in the Southern Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines. His artistic talents have been passed down through the generations, his grandfather a boat builder, and his father a gifted carpenter.

Born into an athletic family he excelled at windsurfing and was crowned Southern
Caribbean Wind SurfingChampion in 1989. His creativity surfaced as a young teenager where he sold t-shirts and jewelry decorated with his original paintings.


In 1998 he moved to Hawaii to raise his children and to pursue a career as an artist. His most recent endeavor came about after visiting Alaska and seeing the snow covered peaks and icebergs.


Always conscious of his environment he started
making art with dried bark and trees from around the island creating wonderful scenes of waterfalls and mountains. All these scenes have no paint, stain or dyes and are truly a piece of beauty.


Nature creates the color pallet and Baz creates
the scenes that others cannot see. A truly amazing and unique art form at its finest.

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