Since childhood, Amy Sophiella has been picking up stones and playing with rocks. Many years ago, from a desire to heal her own space and life, Amy rediscovered her love for gemstones and crystals and their healing powers. With perfect synchronicity, Amy then discovered her natural affinity for playing with fire and all sorts of tools to birth her beautiful metal creations! Marrying the two together brings her such joy. She adores sharing her creativity, love of all things holistic and interest in energy and the way it plays in the world through her artisan creations to truly empower her journey and yours! 


Amy’s lovingly created pieces include necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, window and room hangers incorporating feng shui to activate the spaces, animal tags and much more! An avid fan of all beautiful gemstones, Amy hand picks her own stones so that they are of the best quality. Amy fires her fused glass pieces and hand hammers all of her own creations. Her pieces commonly use gemstones, word affirmations, colors, as well as shapes and symbols to bring certain energies into her work. Each one of her pieces is cleared energetically and infused with love and the highest vibrations for empowerment, love and light and support in every way.  Everything is energy, and Amy believes it is how you choose to experience it that makes life interesting! Her work has evolved into ever expanding lines over the years and is generally always a reflection of what she happens to be healing or working on in her own space, or what the collective needs as support.


 Amy has been an avid student of the holistic healing arts her entire life and all things nature related. Any new information she learns is generally integrated and reflected in her creative work somehow. This helps her continue growing as an artist and share her empowering creations with the world to bring light to others. Amy’s creations can be found at 6 galleries and gift boutiques throughout NH, MA and CT, as well as Maui Hands and other various art venues here on Maui.  It’s all good juju! 


Amy Sophiella grew up in southwestern CT. After spending most of her adult life on the beautiful Atlantic seacoast of NH, she relocated from Portsmouth, NH to Maui in October 2015.  A ‘vacation” earlier in the year turned into a soul calling from this beautiful island! She is excited to be able to live in this truly magnificent full of heart love island and soak up all of the Hawaiian energies and pure love and magic that emanates from Mama Maui.  Blessings on your journey!  

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