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March 2018

Ellen Levinsky &

Amy Madrin Justen

Feathers with Hand-Made Paper & Multi-Media

April is an exciting month in for our Featured Artist Wall! We have two artists who came together to do a show with different mediums working together cohesively with, 

Ellen Levinsky has been creating natural feather art and jewelry on Maui since 1979, joining LAS in 1985. 


Teaching in the LAS children's art program for over 20 years generates much satisfaction for Ellen by assisting young people to develop their artistic skills, improve their self-confidence, and share an enjoyment of life as an artist. 


Ellen  enjoys meeting people who own birds, using the feathers their pets shed to make a 'memory picture' for them.

Ellen creates the textured background  from recycling her junk mail and adding different

"Birds of a Feather"

Hawaiian plants. Her pictures have been inspired by her love of nature and the vivid colors in Hawaii.


Ellen has done much research and hiking to observe petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings) in Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, and Australia. She feels a strong connection with these ancient artists; making feather images of particular petroglyph designs that people identity with. 

"Sun Conyers/Hula Dancers" 

ink on Arches paper by Amy

Amy Madrin Justen became an artist because she found so many things that were difficult for her to express through language: insights gleaned about the human condition through observation and meditation. She focused her studies on the human figure during her education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, through the mediums of painting, printmaking and sculpture, always with the goal of further understanding humanity and herself.


Toward the end of her time at the Art Institute, Amy moved away from figurative work and became immersed in mixed media sculpture and installation, melding the elements of earth, air, fire and water in sculptures made of welded metal, handmade paper, beeswax and human hair.   She considered herself a very process oriented, visionary artist, meaning that she had a “vision” of a finished project and then worked backwards figuring out how to bring this vision into fruition.

Amy has worked as a professional tattooist for 19 years and has mastered the medium, with forays back into the fine art world, mostly through painting, still exhibiting the work on at least a yearly basis. She is happy to be sharing her work with the many people who travel to Lahaina from all over the world. Amy's work is in private collections throughout the country and adorns the bodies of thousands of people throughout the world.  Amy continues to make art and tattoos from her home base of Maui., each piece created with aloha. 

Java Sparrow

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