LAS Annual Celebration and Meeting

Location: Pioneer Inn

Date: June 25th

BIG MAHALO to all the members and community supporters who attended the LAS Annual Celebration & Meeting at the Pioneer Inn on June 25th. 


Thank you to our many volunteers for making this event exceptional: Mark De Colibus, Gordon Schmuhl, Elizabeth Current, Deacon MacMillan, Chris Martin, Koana Smith, Ellen Levinsky, Earl Thompson, Lisa Leasenfeld, Mary Ann Leigh and Kate Eifler.


A special thank you to our guest speakers Representative Angus McKelvey, artist George Allan and Koana Smith from Lahaina Arts Association. 


George Allan was honored with the Lahaina Arts Society Living Treasure Award for his continuous contributions to the organization over the past 40+ years.  George has been instrumental in shaping LAS to what it is today and we are honored to have him as a Living Treasure and lifetime member.

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