Exhibiting Artist Members

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Below is a list of our current exhibiting artist members.  If you do not find the artist you are looking for, please contact us for more information.


The LAS thumbnail next to a name designates that there is not yet an artist statement for the artist and therefore no link to their profile page. Please check back as all artists will soon be represented.

All other artists have a brief statement, photos of their artwork and in some cases videos and/or slideshows. On their page you will also find contact information as well as their website url if they have a site.

Visit our Become a Member page for information on how to join Lahaina Arts Society.

D. Marie
Calen Adams - Watercolor
MIka McCann - Fiber Art
Diane Snoey Appler - Oil
Anyes B. - Acrylic
Pamela Neswald - Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media
Crystal Jean Baranyk - Mixed Media
Anita Nixon - Watercolor
Johanna Baskins - Crochet & Ribbon Leis
John O'Leary- Photography
Carol L. Bodin - Jewelry
Lana Perry - Watercolors
Shawn Boen - India Ink
Lee Plevney - Ceramics
Bryan DeBris Poland - Mixed Media
Marisela Bracho - Watercolor Peggy Robertson - Oil
Roxanne Braddix - Mixed Media
Daniel Braddix Jr. - Acrylic
James Roemmling - Photography
Cesere Brothers - Photography Linda Ryan - Oil, Watercolor
Veena Cahlander - Jewelry
Dan Saunders - Jewelry
Beth Cooper - Acrylic
Terri Saunders - Jewelry
Anna Gail Campanelli - Oil
Karen Scarborough - Oil
Mark De Colibus - Oil, Pen & Ink, Pastel
Joyce Schaunaman - Oils, Photography
Rob DeCamp - Photography
Evan Schauss - Blown Glass
Christina DeHoff - Oil, Mixed
Chris E. Schlink - Woodcarving & Mixed Media
Joseph O. Demaree - Plein Air Oils Gordon Schmuhl - Acrylics
Eric DeMaria - Wood Boxes
David Schoonover - Photography
Kate Eifler - Ceramics
Misha Seelhoff - Jewelry, Mixed Media Podge Elvenstar - Oil, Mixed Media
Adam Serra - Acrylic
Rachel Fabbio - Jewelry
Jan Shaner - Oil
Jerry Fasick - Oil
Marianne Sharp - Oil
Mona Harris - Oil
Jim Smith - Wood/Glass
Blake Hill - Photography
Koana Smith - Oil
Bob Hoenig - Ceramics
Michael Stark - Oil, Acrylic
Jimie Howard - Woodburning, Wood Boxes
Janet Stewart - Watercolor Jeff Johnson - Ceramics
Drew Sulock - Photography
Jay Joya - Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media
Jerry Sullivan - Oil, Acrylic, Digital, Jewelry
Amy Madrin Justen - Watercolor
Earl Thompson - Acrylics Raleigh Timmins - Watercolor, Seaglass Anna Keay - Oil
Mary Ann Leigh - Sculpture
Melissa Verbena - Silk Art Stephen Levine - Photography
Heidi Vogel - Oil, Acrylic
Ellen Levinsky - Feathers
Fiama Von Schuetze - Fiber Art, Basketry John/Charlie/Daniel Lindquist - Glass
Marty Wolff - Photography
Victoria Wundram - Watercolor, Pastel Janice Lockwood-Averill - Acrylic, Pastel
Chris Martin - Watermedia, Oil, Photography
Yasha - Jewelry
Deacon MacMillan - Photography
Zariah - Watermedia, Mixed
Devon Mastrich - Jewelry